“a fascinating, mesmerising, and engaging journey… hearing and seeing play an equal role… it is almost possible to say that you see music and you listen to gestures.”

Dr Antonio Cascelli – Head of Music Department, Maynooth University 

 “… confrontational theatrics, innovative manipulation of technology, and a sense of energy and commitment rarely seen in other avant garde or experimental ensembles.”

Dr Adrian Scahill – Deputy Head of Department, Maynooth University


PANIC is a Belfast-based experimental contemporary music ensemble. It comprises three composer-improvisers playing electric and acoustic guitar, baritone, piano, percussion and electronics. The collective integrates each individual’s specialist practice, including composition and interpretation, improvisation, and live electronics. Ideas for each composition are generated by interdisciplinary approaches drawn from each member’s curiosity and intuition.

New work is conceived by a collaborative process within the ensemble, using it as a ground for experimentation in the co-creation of new work. The live show incorporates multi instrumental performances, loops, and audio-visual material. Collectively they have worked with the BBC singers, Crash Ensemble, members of the London Symphonic Orchestra, Fidelio Trio, Rarescale, and Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble. Their music has been performed across four continents, and broadcasted on BBC Radio 3, Radio 5, Lyric FM, BBC Radio Ulster, and Radiophrenia Glasgow.


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